NDBC - .NET Database Connectivity

NDBC is a complete replacement for Microsoft's ADO.NET database connection classes.

Why create a new database connection library?

Here are a few dislikes I have of ADO.NET.

The alternatives?

  1. Create a new ADO.NET driver that encapsulates all other ADO.NET drivers.
  2. Provide an all-new interface based on the working standard JDBC.

I've decided to implement the second alternative after trying the first one twice. Each time I ran into the same issues of trying to get database information where there was none.

Here are the reasons for basing the new work on JDBC.

Goals of this project

How can you help?

Pick a database you like to work with and create a driver for it. If you have already done a driver for ADO.NET, then adding a new interface should not be that hard.

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